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Ribus 7 and  Ribus 7:Ticees by Shae Mills

Very minor spoiler warnings

Ribus 7
"Chelan is a brilliant young woman, an aeronautics engineer who dreams of one day soaring towards the stars in a craft of her own design. But, while on vacation, she is badly injured during a bizarre encounter with menacing strangers. Awakening, she finds herself held captive aboard the alien battleship RIBUS 7. Convinced at first that she is the victim of an elaborate hoax, the nightmare soon becomes all too real. 

Before her stands the Iceanean Overlord, Korba, an ebony-clad god of war, a cunning predator, and a finely honed killer. As Commander of RIBUS 7, his mission is to eradicate all aliens, Chelan included. Yet one look at the exotic beauty smuggled aboard his ship stays his hand. 

Struggling against her growing attraction to her captor, Chelan clings to her Earthly values like a shield. But in a culture where the men and women pursue the pleasures of the flesh with a passion and a skill equal to that of the kill, Chelan finds herself awash in a sea of temptation at every turn. Korba himself yearns for her, but their love is forbidden by all that governs his culture. To claim her as his own is to risk all…but it’s a risk he hungers to take."

Ribus 7:Ticees
"Ripped from her world during a chance encounter with an alien landing party, Chelan MacKay suddenly finds herself on board the galactic battleship RIBUS 7. Korba, an ebony-clad god of war, the Iceanean Commander of RIBUS 7, is irresistibly drawn to her. Defying all the laws that govern his people, he risks all to make her his. 

Despite seemingly insurmountable odds and adversity, Chelan manages to adapt to Iceanean culture, in which the men and women pursue the pleasures of the flesh with a passion and skill equal to that of the kill. Nurtured by the Iceanean men around her, she eventually rises to her new position beside the galaxy’s most powerful Warlord. But just as her life with Korba begins to settle, chaos ensues. 

Enter Ticees, the Galactic Emperor, ruler of the known universe and Commander of the Warlords. His word is law, his decree incontrovertible, his dominion…absolute. Though not of Iceanean blood, he adheres to the governances of the Iceanean culture and embraces their ideologies. Or does he? 

When the exalted Emperor first gazes upon Chelan, Korba’s chosen mate, the alabaster beauty leaves him breathless. By Iceanean principles, she is bound to Korba, but not bound by fidelity. Sweeping her off her feet with his charms and impressing her with his power is his plan. But when his sexual quarry stubbornly refuses his advances, the results are incendiary. No one thwarts Ticees, not his officers, not his Warlords, and certainly not one little alien. What Ticees wants, Ticees gets, but at what cost?"

Shea Mills came onto my radar through a late night amazon search. I can't remember how many different pages I had linked through to get here, clicking from one book to another suggestion but I am so very glad I kept going. At the time it was brand new released that day, had no reviews, and was the authors first book. However I noticed it was a longer book and from the excerpt a sci-fi taken from earth story (Lord knows I'm a sucker for both those). Taking a chance I bought it up and decided to check it out and boy was that a great choice. I read exceptionally fast and finished the book by later in the day and immediately read it again. The second time through I noticed that it said Ticees Book 2 of it was out, I found out later it was a typo and then proceeded to haunt the authors facebook page for news of the second book, which just came out this last Saturday or if you pre-ordered and watched your emails they actually released it at around 9pm Saturday night *wink*

Now this isn't really a series so much as a single book that was too large so the author split it into 2 books. The first book deals with the heroine being taken from Earth and adjusting to the new culture of the aliens, forming relationships with the men, and general life on the spaceship. The second is the further development of the relationships with the men and introducing a new antagonist. The overall theme of the two books together is about the heroine becoming confident in herself, her relationships and her battle with depression and self-depreciation.

The books have a beautiful over arching love story that is wonderful to watch as she grows to love the men in her life. The care with which the men take in helping her heal over her past and the patience they have for her is very heartwarming and I loved reading about how they handled everything. It was nice to see a more realistic approach to how a woman removed from her culture and planet would react. I've read too many books where the heroine refuses to adapt to the alien culture and by the end of the book you end up with aliens acting like humans and everything ends up becoming like Earth (which come on the whole reason we read sci-fi is to get away from the "normal" earth, at least I do). Shae Mills does a wonderful job of keeping the aliens "alien". The heroine uses a much more subtle approach throughout the book, instead of head on attacking everything.

The main heroine gets very annoying and can grate at times, you almost want to yell at her for her train of thought. She is so beautiful, and everyone falls in love with her at first sight, yet she has no self confidence. She is smarter than everyone and able to learn things and become equal or better than these super breed aliens around her. She also overreacts in some situations and causes far too much drama, and some scenes her reaction made no sense whatsoever. The main male in book two makes some choices that don't seem to match up with his personality in book one and what he even said at the beginning of book two which influences the rest of the book.  Most of the entirety of the first book takes place in the command room of both ships which are identical, the author tells such a good story I would have loved to see more of the world/ship.

The heroin's personality will decide entirely if you like this book at all. If you have to have an aggressive in your face heroine you won't like it. However if your of any other mind you will love it. The men in the book are amazing and you get extremely attached to them so when the heroine does something silly you almost want to go shake her and tell her to get her silly butt over and make it better. Yes there are faults and issues, there is with any book. As a whole however I can say I enjoyed this book immensely and can guarantee I'll be rereading it and watching for more from Shae Mills. In her facebook posts leading up to the release of book two she mentions she has at least two other books, I'm crossing my fingers and hoping they are more from this series and that she decides to release them. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful set of books.

Shae Mills facebook page : Here

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Please let me know if you have any books to suggest for me or any comments/thoughts as well.
Have a great read!

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