Sunday, March 15, 2015

Have to start somewhere!

Hello dear friends and fellow book lovers. Doesn't matter if you read on an E-reader or a paper book, we all know the constant trouble of finding your next read. Sometimes we find something so amazing we don't know how we're going to ever find something else as good, and sometimes we set the book down and are immediately looking for something else that we will enjoy more. Much of my time is spent surfing Goodreads lists and Amazon suggestions trying to find something to read. My hope with this blog is to help in that quest for people. Usually when I'm trying to find a new book I stumbled upon it in some list on some site after digging for what seems hours. Then you read it and find its a series and you have to sit anxiously and wait for the next book. Sometimes your lucky and the author has a blog or website and they update somewhat regularly and you can keep track of the series. Others you just have to wait and hope something pops up, and in the meantime you try and find another book or series to occupy your time and end up digging around on the same lists that don't change.

I will be breaking down series and author's writing here as well as reviewing specific books and the authors themselves. When reviewing I plan to suggest other similar authors and/or books. I hope with this to help some of you find what your looking for or maybe give you a better idea of what to avoid. Many times in my search I've wished there was somewhere I could go that linked similar books/series together so i had more to read but never found a blog. So now I've decided to start my own and maybe it can help someone else or maybe one of you could help me find something. I'm new to blogging and reviewing so please be patient with me and my tech issues. Beyond that lets help each other find the next great book and share it!

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